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Sitcom Club Masquerade

In The Sitcom Club’s season finale, Mooncat’s in the dark as Boggenstrovia, DCT and Ocho bring three sitcoms to the table without telling Mooncat what they are.

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Sitcom Club At The Movies

The Sitcom Club spends a hot day in LA/cold day in Prestatyn at the cinema, with three 1970s big screen adaptations of TV sitcoms – Man About The House, Bless This House and Father Dear Father.

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Sitcoms And The Middle Class

In the first of an occasional series, Mooncat and Ocho are joined by Birdie to discuss class in sitcoms, beginning with the middle class.  Shows under discussion are Butterflies, Keeping Up Appearances and Terry & June.

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A Map Of The Sitcom Universe

Mooncat and Ocho are joined by Gee Baker from Sitcom Lover’s Corner to ponder unspoken links between shows that might create a map of the sitcom universe.

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Metal Mickey

Mooncat and Ocho discuss Metal Mickey, the nuclear risk he posed to 80s Britain and his electronic lechery.

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