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(Still) Open All Hours

Mooncat and Ocho discuss Roy Clarke’s Open All Hours and the pilot of the revived show.

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On The Buses – The Board Game, Not The Sitcom

Season’s greetings everyone! Join us for our festive celebration as Boggenstrovia, Ocho, DCT and Mooncat play the official On The Buses board game.  The On The Buses segment of 1972’s All-Star Comedy Carnival is mentioned as a gesture towards some

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In the shadow of a returning Open All Hours, Mooncat and Ocho discuss the business of revivals. Under the microscope – Doctor At The Top, The Liver Birds and The Legacy Of Reginald Perrin.

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Last Of The Summer Wine – Getting Sam Home

…and we’re back! After their recasting discussion, Ocho and Mooncat resume with a look at 1983’s LOTSW special.

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It’s a super-size Sitcom Club this week, in two parts! Firstly, Mooncat and Ocho discuss the tricky business of recasting.

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Boggenstrovia joins Mooncat to discuss ITV sitcoms of the 1980s, focusing on Peter Learmouth’s 1980 series.

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Thanksgiving Special

Mooncat and US-based Sitcom Club member Ocho celebrate the season with a look at three Transatlantic sitcom adaptations.

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Mailbag #4

Mooncat and Ocho use all manner of filthy thesaurus entries as they discuss bad language, Come Back Mrs Cougar and George Roper’s Gardening Time.

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Come Back Mrs Noah

It’s a four-way Sitcom Club roundtable this week, discussing Mollie Sugden’s outer space escapades!

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Mapp And Lucia

Mooncat and Ocho discuss LWT’s 1985 adaptation of EF Benson’s novel Mapp and Lucia, starring Nigel Hawthorne, Geraldine McEwan and Prunella Scales.  The situations are comedic. It is definitely a sitcom.

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